Catching a glimpse of the wild writer

how the dogs spend their days

Tomorrow I’ll be at Waterloo’s brand-new Wild Writers Literary Festival. Click here to see the program. Appropriately, I’ve buried myself in writing today, although I regret to report that glimpsing the wild writer in her natural habitat would make for very dull viewing indeed. I’m fully dressed, have not imbibed anything stronger than coffee, and have no apparent signs of insanity, mania, or spontaneous outpourings of poetry. More wilderness may be just what this writer needs.

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A wild writer's weekend


  1. Kid Couch

    Hey Carrie –

    You may soon have to remove “obscure” from your title. Unless you’re going for irony.


    • Carrie Snyder

      As I vacuum my dog-hair-ridden house this afternoon, I feel entirely certain of my ongoing existence in obscurity. But thanks.


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