Problem solving with hair


I got a haircut!

And then I came home and took photos, but of course. This reveals a possible narcissistic tendency, but hey. It’s a nice cut, and I only get these done semi-annually, usually just before some big event when I realize that my ends are all split and I’ve been jamming the mess into a hairband at every opportunity.

Problem is, I can never duplicate what the stylist does with the blow drier, in part because I have no blow drier, and in part because I have no talent executing most of the beauty rituals which are supposed to be second nature to women (that may explain why I have no blow drier).

Getting ready for a trip makes me anxious. Once I’m out the door I’ll be fine, but meantime the smallest details seem overwhelming. There is something about getting a haircut that gives me a sense of control, of being on top of things, of taking charge. I’ve gotten the same basic cut for years (you’re looking at it), and I’m extremely cautious when it comes to length, probably due to some really unfortunate shearings back in my teens and twenties, including the time I shaved my head (age eighteen), which is an experiment I would recommend to no one.

Is this haircut preparation enough for the next couple of exciting, jam-packed, out-of-the-ordinary days? Well, I hope so.

See you in Vancouver. (Here’s a link to my schedule of events, both of which happen on Friday.)

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  1. m

    Cannot wait to meet you in person!

    I have given up on haircuts–the last professional one I had I think I was still pregnant with my second child! I’ve been doing a bad job cutting my own twice a year. My hair lives pulled back. I wish it could be different, but I don’t think it can be.

  2. Tricia Orchard

    Not that you need a blow dryer, but there will likely be one in your hotel room. You should try using it. It is not that hard. I use one because I don’t like it when my hair is wet and it is pretty easy to get the hang of. And I am NOT great with hair at all!

    See you soon!



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