front yard bounty
front yard tomatoes

I am writing.

I am realizing it is already August. But I can’t quite believe it.

I am wondering. When we will get the dogs? When will our new nephew be born? (Kevin’s sister is due with her second, oh, so very soon.)

I am planning. Camp transportation. Baby visiting. Dog vetting. Fall extra-curriculars. 
I am debating. Got up early for spin and weight class, plus soccer practice tonight … should I go swimming too? 
I am appreciating. Spontaneous all-family bike ride last night, with non-stop-talking CJ behind me on borrowed trail-a-bike. (“This is AWESOME, Mama!”) Suppers stuffed with fresh veggies. Heat. Backyard get-together with neighbourhood friends. (“You’re going to another mom-party, Mom?!”) Late nights. Laundry on line.
Quick, passing, sweet, heartfelt summer.
Summer luxuries
On the sidelines


  1. Fiona

    We are wondering too and hoping for another long weekend baby!!! We are also trying to soak up every bit of summer we can, I don’t think I have loved a summer quite like this one….We also are awaiting news of the dogs xxoo

    • Carrie Snyder

      Still no news on dogs.

      Every time the phone rings, I wonder whether it might be you or Paul with baby news! Have a wonderful weekend …


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