On writing fluff

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A few posts ago, I reflected on how “deep rich writing” requires going deep, developing layers (kind of like composting, come to think of it), and that takes time. Which is true. Except I feel sometimes that I would love to write a book that is not at all deep, not particularly rich, just for fun, because it would amuse me. I wonder whether I could.

I’ll bet it’s harder to do than it looks.

Patrolling the back yard
This is what a holiday with four kids and two dogs looks like


  1. fortytwothings

    I bet you are right! You have to know fluff really deeply and delve into the airy layers to understand how it gets all soft and fluffy!

  2. Margo

    I think it is much harder to do, and it’s the kind of book I am attracted to right now. I adore Mary Stewart for this, also Stella Gibbons and Margery Sharp. Their books are from decades ago – I’m not sure I’ve found a modern writer who can create such amusement without shoddiness. I wish you’d try!


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