Dogs in the house


Yes, we now have two dogs in the house.

And we watched another heartbreaking soccer game yesterday (see above photo), as the Canadian women lost to the US team following some questionable calls by the ref. It kind of echoed our experiences on Saturday at the tournament. A good ref lets the players play the game. A bad ref gets in the way. We experienced both kinds of refs at the tournament, and I can tell you that losing due to a bad call feels rotten in a way that losing to a better team does not. (I’m not sure whether that applies to winning, however; I suspect winning feels good regardless; you tell yourself your team would have won anyway, and that’s just the way the luck landed.)

In any case … it was a memorable long weekend. Yesterday we got up early (again!) to drive two and a half hours to pick up the girls. We wondered how they’d fit in the truck, but it turns out that they love driving, and found places on laps, or in Suzi’s case standing balanced on the armrest between me and Kevin–like a little doggy surfer.

We’re in a period of adjustment, of course, and we’re learning about their quirks and habits and triggers and behavior, and they’re learning about us too.

They seem to like my office. Both are in here with me now, napping.

One small thing: I’d reconciled myself to the dog hair. But I’d forgotten about the dog smell. Dog owners out there, can you tell me, are there ways to minimize the smell? I kissed my little boy last night and all I could smell was dog. AppleApple told me we’d just get used to it, and not notice it after awhile, and that may in fact be what happens. But I was born with a sensitive nose, and smells do bother me. Here’s hoping I adjust!

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  1. Leah

    Hi Carrie… well, bathing is an obvious component to keeping the smells down [if your dogs will take one!]. But for some dogs the type of food they eat will influence their odor and whether their teeth are in good health could be a factor too. Congrats on your new family members!

    • Carrie Snyder

      Thanks, Leah. They actually do need dental care, so maybe that’s affecting their smell. Otherwise, they look very healthy, and we’re brushing them often. I’m trying to keep sheets/blankets on their favourite sitting/sleeping spots (they LOVE being in my office). It actually seems a bit better already (maybe I’m already getting used to it!).


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