A quiet little Sunday



roller blading, before and after

Hot, quiet, humid. That’s our Sunday. Looked like rain. Did not rain. One soccer game still on the menu (mine). Though need bread, have not baked bread; see hot, humid. Can’t bear the thought of turning on the oven.

Today, I’ve spent several hours getting to know my new photo editing software. View experiments above.

Also wrote a new short story this weekend — fiction!!! My first attempt since writing the last of The Juliet Stories (which, a very few of you may be interested in knowing, was “She Will Leave a Mark” from the first section.) It felt like breathing or something. Essential, natural.

Oh, and I have to post a link to this truly amazing review, by a book blogger called Buried in Print. Quite enough to swell the head, methinks, so I’ll only read it once.

Now in season: summer
The week in suppers, sort of


  1. Margo

    yeah, the oven. I just went for it this week and filled it up with 6 loaves and then a batch of granola when the loaves came out and the oven was cooling off. I’ve also been experimenting with grilled flatbread and bread in the crockpot. No huge success yet, but I want to tinker some more.

  2. Carrie Snyder

    I’ve been using the barbeque a lot! Works for all kinds of things.


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