Little dancer


Our weekend includes:

one out-of-town soccer tournament
two girls performing at a dance recital

Soccer tournaments we can do in our sleep. But this recital is a new experience.

These photos were taken while one of the girls was at the soccer tournament. She’s home now, and I’ll be attempting a dancer’s bun shortly — the pressure’s on! The bun in these photos was courtesy of a friend and neighbour who knows what she’s doing and gave me a tutorial this morning. Honestly, I’m hair-impaired. I can cut hair, and braid hair, but I hardly ever brush hair, or blow-dry hair, or attempt to make hair look sleek, tidy, neat, or professional.


As a result, we’re a windblown family. But I think this little dancer loves her sleek new look.

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  1. Tricia Orchard

    Awww, she looks gorgeous! And a lot like Kevin!

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Wait til I post the photos of her older sister — a mini-me!


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