Last day of school

June12 289
last day of grade four, last day of grade one

Yup, it’s here. This morning the kids departed for their last day of school, grades five, four, and one.

So the boy ran off without saying goodbye. He is not keen on my plan to walk up to meet them after school either. Ah, the many stages of motherhood.

The youngest girl posed for my camera while waiting for her extremely slow and distracted elder sister. Then both girls posed. At which point, they were so late to meet their friends, with whom they walk every morning, that their friends came to meet them!

Leaping and running down the sidewalk to greet each other.

Walking off to school. Filled with that “last day” thrill. I almost remember it. No, that’s not true. I remember it perfectly; but I’ve yet to find a parallel in my adult life. (I’m not envious, just nostalgic, a wee bit.)

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Happy Canada Day!


  1. Margo

    what in the world? I had no idea Canadian kids had school ’til the end of June! We get out at the end of May, beginning of June.

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Yes, I remember the shock when we first moved to Canada — I just could not believe it! (I was eleven that first summer of being stuck in school for June.)

    But the kids don’t go back to school until September, which is generally later than kids in the States.


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