Night Sky Wheel Ride, by Sheree Fitch


Sheree Fitch, the author of Night Sky Wheel Ride, gifted my children with her new book. It is beautiful. Beautiful colours, beautiful lines of poetry, and deeply moving too. My eyes filled with tears as I read it quietly to myself.

What moved me so deeply is Sheree’s portrayal of the goodness of a strong sibling relationship. Set at a fair, brightly and magically illustrated, a brother and sister hope to ride on the ferris wheel.

Are we big enough this year, Mama?
Are we brave enough, Brother?
Sister, are you ready to fly?

The repetition and development of these seemingly simple lines struck me with their poignance. Yes, the brother and sister are big enough this year — a wonderful thing, a moment to celebrate, but also, as all parents know, a sign of change and age. There is always a fragment of mourning in our joy as we watch our children grow.

Yes, they are brave enough. Yes, they are ready to fly. Joy.

I love how the brother and sister are asking each other for support and reassurance. They are testing out their limits and fears together. They are being brave together. They are touching the sky.

Maybe it’s because I cherish my own siblings so much. (I posed the book, above, with a photo of me and my brothers, circa 1985.)
Maybe it’s because I hope my children will weather the rivalry and jealousy and squabbling, and find in each other real friendship and support.
Maybe it’s because Sheree knows what it means to love and to let go.

I don’t know. But this book touched me. And I hope you’ll take Sheree’s night sky wheel ride too.

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  1. Tricia Orchard

    It sounds lovely Carrie! Can’t wait to check it out for myself!

  2. sheree

    I love this and am so glad you got the book! In all ways. Pictures books can be about Blake’s eternity in a grain of sand. (: I just wanted you to have it but thanks for blogging- thank you!


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