The week in suppers: writing week

popcorn for supper

**Monday’s menu** Baked potatoes. Veggie sausages and burgers.
**Quick-swap** High winds knocked down a tree in our neighbourhood, which landed on electrical lines, which took out the power. Which prevented the potatoes from being baked, as planned. Kevin brought home veggie sausages and veggie burgers to throw on the grill instead. He also tried baking the potatoes on the grill, but these weren’t done until late. The veggie burgers were fine, but the veggie sausages were declared next to inedible. Perhaps familiarity with the real thing does not endear the tastebuds to a masquerading soy product. Tough start to the week.

**Tuesday’s menu** Grilled veggies and veggie burgers.
**Guests** This flexible (and familiar) menu, with the addition of leftover baked potatoes, fed a crowd. Albus invited friends to stay for supper — I believe there were at least three extra at the table; AppleApple and I ate early and left for soccer practice. I was thankful Kevin was managing it all.

**Wednesday’s menu** Curried beans in the crockpot. Baked rice.
**Highlight of the day** Teaching Kevin how to cook using the crockpot! His first time.
**Speaking of which** Highlights of the week: I loved how Kevin planned out the week’s meals in advance, writing menus on the chalkboard. And he shopped for the ingredients. And he asked for help if he didn’t know how to do something.

**Thursday’s menu** Pasta with pesto. Salad.
**Easy-peasy** Kevin bought gnocchi, and used pesto I’d frozen from my last batch. I whipped up a salad dressing. Easy + popular.

**Friday’s menu** Pizza. Veggies.
**Even easier-peasier** To finish off his week, Kevin went with take-out pizza. Add some raw cut-up veggies, and some friends, and call it a meal. Have another friend drop by with pakoras and samosas and call it dessert. Fun.


**Weekend kitchen accomplishments** Waffles. Four loaves of bread.

popcorn1our vintage popcorn-maker

**Cooking with kids** Suspended in favour of running with kids, followed by gardening with kids. We went with fresh bread, popcorn, and apples instead. Happy Earth Day!

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  1. Margo

    haha, I love you introduced your guy to the crockpot! I found a recipe for BREAD in the crockpot that I want my husband to try so he will stop borrowing his mom’s bread machine. That thing takes up so much space (and is slightly insulting to me, I admit).


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