Sunday morning

My favourite free photo editing software (Picnik) has just gone offline forever. So I’m trying out Gimp. All I can say so far is: too many options!

April12 317
April12 313
Spot the differences? I like the top one best. I think.

Photography has the ability to steal big chunks of my time. I can’t decide if I mind; is it stealing time I could be using more productively? But I so enjoy doing it. A friend who’s a photographer has pitched me on participating in a photo project I’m pretty excited about. (If this goes ahead, it will be the third photographer I’ve modelled/mused for in less than a year; new side career?) He also asked whether I ever print my photos. The answer is, embarrassingly, no. I print our family photos in one large batch, once a year, and stuff them into albums. But my experimental photos have never been printed. Not one. Maybe because I imagine them needing to be printed large, or printed on an unusual material, or printed as part of a larger project that I haven’t wrapped my mind around (and quite possibly never will). Maybe because printing would seem too close to commitment, to being a final step in a process I’m not sure I’m close to figuring out. Maybe also because it would be an expensive experiment for an amateur. Maybe someday.

Maybe I’ll always have a few too many pots on the stove.

Maybe that’s okay. Maybe it’s the simultaneous upside and downside of embracing a creative life.

And on that note, she departs to go outside and take more photos in the lovely afternoon light.

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