Without supervision

Here’s what the kids do when they’re not being closely supervised.

Giant mudpools in the sandbox?! I don’t recall authorizing the use of the hose. Um, Kevin? You? No?


Here’s what the parents do when they’re not being closely supervised.

At least, it’s how we polished off the remains of a Saturday night without children (who were once again sleeping over at Grandma’s … we could get used to this). Except it occurs to me that we shouldn’t get too used to it. I am not my discplined self without the children around. In fact, it got me wondering whether the children have made me who I am. I think they stake some major claim.

Yes, it’s fun to play without supervision. But a little oversight may not be an altogether bad thing.

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  1. Flying Squirrel

    I know this isn’t the point of this post, but those stumps ROCK MY WORLD! May I ask, did you haul them in from somewhere else or were they growing there?

    Mary (mama of four boys—we have a wild back yard, too!)

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Thanks, Mary!

    We cut down a couple of trees last summer and we don’t have a woodstove — the tree-stump playground was my husband’s idea. And then we painted them too. They’re dug really deep into the ground (they’re actually quite long pieces of wood).


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