Scenes from a break





We’ve stayed home for March break. Kevin and I are doing our best to split the days so that we both have time to work; this is a blessed change from past holidays when the bulk of the sudden increase in childcare fell directly on me. (I hope to sustain this change, at least in part, over the summer too, and without relying too heavily on camps.) The kids love being at home and doing next to nothing. Add in a few friends, a few sleepovers, and this beautiful spring weather, and home is a pretty happy place to be. Our big outing for the week is going to a matinee movie, planned for tomorrow. Set the bar low and we’re all totally excited about this small adventure.


Reminder: I’m reading tonight at Conrad Grebel College, 7pm!

And: Here’s a link to my post today on The Afterword, on judging my book by its cover.

Rolling, rolling, rolling
On poetry and saying you're sorry


  1. it was a real pleasure to hear you read again this evening, carrie! ten year old juliet’s voice rang so true in the selections you shared. enjoy the march break matinee tomorrow!

  2. Thanks, Cathy! Glad you came. I spotted you there at the back.


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