In a long race, pacing is key. And so today I am pacing myself. Because yesterday was full. It was as full as I could make it. And I promise a proper report, with photos, very soon. But meantime, I need to unstuff myself slightly, unpack, regroup, and address a few issues.

Dear Laundry,
Seriously? I know you missed me, but this is a bit of an over-reaction, don’t you think? It was only one day.

Dear Cold Cellar,
Why didn’t you mention the rotting squash? It was only one day!

Dear Compost Bin,
Are we still on speaking terms? You look like you have something to tell me, and it’s making me nervous.

Dear Children,
You were awesome this morning. I missed you yesterday, but seeing you all contentedly and safely off to your schools made me so happy.

Dear Nap,
Thank you.

Where I am
A smidge of glamour


  1. Victoria

    ha! my compost bin smells like vomit. luckily my children empty it. once they’re gone, I may stop composting.. 🙂

    and naps? really? I’m jealous. naps always screw me over.

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Victoria, I could win prizes for my napping abilities. It runs in my family. 🙂


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