Where I’m at, Tuesday morning

muddy Sunday in the woods

Quiet house. Beans soaking on the stove. All children at school or nursery school. Empty coffee cup. Just breathe.

Every day holds so many in-between moments. January felt like an in-between month. February has the same feeling. Is it because I’m not working on a definitive project that will box up the scraps and tie things together? Last night I dreamed we owned two houses, an imperfect one in which we were living, and a perfect one to which we were thinking about moving. The catch was that the perfect house would take us away from our friends. In the dream, I kept listing off the perfect qualities of the perfect house — on a lake; huge sweeping lawns; quiet street; a separate guest house — but it always came back to not wanting to leave the imperfect house we already had.

Nothing about this year so far has been perfect. But it’s a frivolous aim anyway, isn’t it? Perfection. When I look at the photo above, taken on Sunday afternoon, I see an in-between moment. And I see the potential of the in-between moment. Balance is fleeting, but not elusive. Lift arms. Pause. Breathe.

Can you see this? Click on the link!


  1. Victoria

    nice. thanks. that helps.

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Glad to hear it, Victoria. Happy imperfect Tuesday! 🙂


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