The week in suppers

bread dough rising

**Monday’s menu** Sweet potato coconut soup (crockpot). Bread. Cheese.
**Veggies** I think there are enough veggies in the soup to skip the side. This recipe is a winner every time.

**Tuesday’s menu** Chili in the crockpot (with hamburger and spinach). Baked rice. Tortilla chips.
**Rush, rush, rush** Eaten in the half-hour turnaround between swim lessons and soccer. I love the crockpot for it’s ability to turn out hot meals on days when I’m out of the house from 9-5.
**re hamburger** I’ve been buying one package of local, organic, drug-free hamburger on occasion. I have no explanation/excuse. Clearly we are not vegetarian, at least not entirely. But we do continue to eat meat sparingly. She says, and then remembers Thursday’s menu. Ahem.

**Wednesday’s menu** Red sauce with basil and tofu. Spaghetti.
**Easy-peasy** Whipped this up after piano lessons. Thank you, home-canned tomatoes and frozen basil.

**Thursday’s menu** Baked beans in the crockpot. Hot dogs. Store-bought buns. Confetti kale (fried kale with grated carrots).
**I know, I know** This is weird meal for us. We rarely eat hot dogs and when we do it’s summertime and they’re on the grill and they’re local and nitrate-free. These were yer basic tube o’ sodium & fat. Here’s the story: AppleApple went to an outdoor education centre on Thursday, and the children were invited to bring hot dogs to roast over the fire. We bought last-minute grocery store dogs. She took two. Which left us with a package of hot dogs minus two. Just enough for supper, so I made a theme meal of it. I personally skipped the dog and ate beans on a bun with toppings. A couple of the kids tried that out for their third helpings, with ketchup, mustard, relish, etc. It was okay. But the confetti kale was fantabulous.

**Friday’s menu** Church supper. Spaghetti with meat sauce. Green salad. Cookies and squares.
**No dishes** ‘Nuff said.


**Weekend kitchen accomplishments** Four loaves of bread. Batch of middling carrot muffins. Vat of turkey stock to freeze.

Fooey with her orange tea

**Cooking with kids** Fooey’s menu for Saturday’s supper: Chinese theme. Cod fish cakes (these were really good!). Orange tea. Miso soup (technically Japanese; but an easy favourite). Ginger and snowpea noodles. Ginger chicken. Fruit with chocolate sauce.

**Please help!** We have an excess of carrots in the crisper! In fact, carrots have entirely taken over the crisper. What’s the solution? My carrot muffins were an utter failure (my muffins always are; maybe I’m over-mixing?). Carrot soup? Carrot cake? Tossing grated carrot into absolutely every dish? What’s your favourite carrot recipe?

Juliet, out and about
Catch me if you can


  1. Tricia Orchard

    I have a carrot lentil soup that my kids like. But it only requires you to use 3 carrots…It is on my blog roll.

    Carrot cake sounds yummy!


  2. Carrie Snyder

    I added a bunch of carrots to the split pea soup I’m making for supper. It’s a start.

  3. Margo

    haha – I love the hot dog explanation. We do that too sometimes. My explanation is that it’s just a random fun meal that ensures that we’re not rigid about our diet 🙂

    Carrot soups are good. And you can also put carrots in with potatoes to make mashed potatoes – they get a really pretty peachy color. We really like Moroccan carrot salads too – shredded carrots with a vinaigrette and parsley (I think). I googled a recipe last time I made it.

  4. Christyn

    I have a yummy one for a carrot parsnip soup I’ll drop by later!

  5. Carrie Snyder

    Christyn, it’s like you looked in my fridge! I have a bag of parsnips in there too, wondering what to do with them.

  6. fiona

    Company muffins in the winter section of Simply in season! My kids can eat a whole tray of them especially when the tray is mini-muffins 🙂

  7. saleema

    Pineapple carrot cake! So moist and delicious, and I seem to recall it using up lot of carrots.


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