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Jan12 571
one of my favourite places for a walk

I’m blogging under the influence of an excess of restless energy. I haven’t exercised since this head cold knocked me sideways on Wednesday … plus the cavity-filling during yesterday’s potential exercise slot … and deciding to stay up late to watch Groundhog Day last night and therefore sleep in this morning … which really only adds up to three days of exercise-deprivation. Apparently, three days is WAY TOO LONG for my brain to be stuck inside a sedentary body.

I can see a real dip in my patience, in my frame of mind, in my focus in the absence of a) sunshine b) the outdoors and c) an endorphin-rush.

I can also see the less pleasant aspects of my personality poking out like sharp elbows. The all-or-nothing self. ie. I haven’t run for almost three weeks and therefore I will never get back into shape ever again! The doom-and-gloom self. ie. This is worst winter ever. The snappish self. ie. The one slamming the office door.

I need a new go-to form of exercise. Nothing obvious has presented itself, and my attempts to fill the void feel slapdash and ineffectual, ie. I’ve found myself doing lunges in the kitchen while eating a hardboiled egg or even while doing the dishes (not a very effective way either to do lunges or the dishes; or egg-eating, for that matter). Anxiety is creeping in: What if I’ve lost my drive? What if I’ve lost my willpower and my determination? It’s circular, of course. The less I exercise, the more anxious I feel.

I’m looking into a membership at a nearby gym. I’ve scouted another early morning spin class on Thursdays. And I’m open to suggestions.

My daughter has a soccer practice tonight. How I wish I could run in the dark. Okay, I have to accept that for now, I can’t. But I can walk in the dark, right?* And I’m gonna. For the sake of everyone around me.

*This walk has been approved by Kevin and the rest of my dear sweet family.

Just a little midwinter freezing and thawing
Catch the light


  1. Nath

    Oh, I feel for you! I don’t think for a second you’ve lost the drive – I’ve never met anybody with your determination to get stuff done. Plus, the doing-lunges-while-eating-eggs thing is a pretty good indication. You’ll get back to it, and it’ll be sweet when you do.

    On another note, I missed the yearly screening of Groundhog Day due to a rehearsal. I’m guessing Andie MacDowell was still terrible, and Stephen Tobolowsky was still great!

  2. kim

    I am in love with the new Y. It is fabulous. I can run on the treadmill while watching my kids in their swimming lessons, they have a tri training program, there is a lap pool, plus a public library attached.
    I am there 3 times a week for various kid activities, so while they do their thing I work and and we are all doing something “together”
    I have recently been informed that I need to do weight training to help heal my running injuries and there is a good gym there too.

  3. Carrie Snyder

    Nath, I’d never seen Groundhog Day, and I know Craig watches every year … and it was not bad, but there is no way I could watch it on an annual basis! I actually thought Andie MacDowell was better than I remembered her being in Four Weddings and Funeral, in which I thought she was just AWFUL. She was definitely better than awful.

    Kim, I’ve been intrigued by the new Y and looked into swimming options there for the kids … but it seems so far away. How’s the drive? Definitely need to add weight/resistance training to my regimen.

  4. kim

    Carrie, it takes way LESS time that you think it will to get there–10 minutes and it is totally worth it.
    After a year of back/hamstring pain, MRI, bone scan, sport doc, physio I have been diagnosed with–wait for it–a weak amnesiac bum. My lack of glutes has caused other muscles in my back and hamstrings to take over and they are NOT happy about it. Rx? Butt exercises…so off the the Y I go! This may be TMI, but I am so happy to have some sort answer and plan that I had to share. Weight training keeps us runners from getting injured–who knew?

  5. Carrie Snyder

    Okay, suddenly I’m hoping for a weak amnesiac bum! I’ll add glute exercises to my life in order to get to run again. My fingers are crossed.


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