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How about a post with no photos of food or flowers?

I’d like you to meet Sheree Fitch. She is a Canadian writer, an author of many books for children, young adults, and adults too. And though I only know her virtually, her wit and energy and radiant spirit bubble off the page and out through the screen as vividly as if she were right here. Over Christmas, my little kids got a kick out my performance of her picture books Mabel Murple and There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen–I read them standing up because Sheree’s books are filled with words that whirl and spin and ask a reader to throw herself in. You’ll see what I mean when you read the poem below. Sheree wrote it in response to my recent post on the quotation,”Who begins too much accomplishes little,” and when I asked, she said I could share it here.

This is the first response I’ve ever received in POETRY! I love it. Yes, Blogland can be a most delightful world in which to dwell.

‎(once you begin


get dizzy from the busy

let the outside in

the world whirls on

while the moon


its munificent lopsided grin )

simply discombobulating
jumbled up and mumbling
topsy turvy tumbling
tipsy tummy tied in knots
swivelling like anything
ab-soul- utely apple carted downside up
simply discombobulating
jumbled up and mumbling
topsy turvy tumbling
teetertottery hurray

(Inspired by ……… http://carrieannesnyder.blogspot.com/2012/01/who-begins-too-much.html)

– by Sheree Fitch

Thank you, Sheree! (I’d like to hear you read it.)

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  1. sheree

    I think a trip to River John some summer is in your future. I will recite to your beautiful children. I’m not sure yet how this land of blog works but I know that there are “real” connections made. I didn’t expect that when I first entered cyberspace world. But it is a lot like life, some connections make more sense than others. Sometimes I think I should be more serious than playful , more cerebral than wearing my heart in open toed shoes- maybe less earnest and try to show off my intellectual side or go for cool and snarky, enigmatic, (HA!) yada yada — — and then I think no — no – just be as real as I can be. With discretion. Yours was on of the first blogs I ever read that showed me that a certain honest sharing was possibl and do-able. I found you through Kerry Clare! You two have inspired me . All spirally and circular.

  2. Carrie Snyder

    I agree, Sheree. I’ve made real friends in this virtual world, and Kerry is one of those. I look forward to meeting her in person someday too. And you! (Going to look up River John… my husband and I spent out first summer together out East and we’ve never been back since having kids, so it’s definitely in our future.)

  3. Anonymous

    Good bye, sentimental soul mate 🙂


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