This is today’s happy post

My brother Los in his studio

Today was a good day. I want to remember that despite the grousing contained my previous post. Sometimes I need a grumble — just get it out of my system.

But today was a good day.

Today I recorded two new songs. And for the second song, I played the French horn. My brother just happened to have a horn sitting there in his studio (you can see the case on the couch behind him). A loan from a friend’s parents. It’s a nice horn, too, a double horn in good working condition. I haven’t played horn since I was 18. That was, oh, awhile ago. Could I still make it make music? Well, yes and no. I’m no professional musician and never was. But the fingering came right back and I was playing a scale before I knew it. It didn’t sound half bad.

I was fooling around on the horn while Karl (“Los” is his nickname) was playing back my piano for the second song, and the horn was well-suited to the key I’d used, so I started playing along. Then we thought we’d record a bit and see if any could be used. So that was really fun. Really out of the ordinary. A treat. Music is sweet.

Also sweet: it looks like two or three of these songs are going to be made available on The Juliet Stories e-book, or as part of the e-book purchase. But that means we’ve got a deadline. Hence, today’s studio session, smack-dab in the middle of a whirling snowstorm.

This is today's grumpy post
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