Briefings from Recovery Sunday**

This is just to say that I made it through Party Week*! Party Week is officially over, and we are now revelling in Recovery Sunday**.

*Party Week is defined, for this early-rising cougar-aged gal, as more than one late-night social event in a seven-day span. This Party Week included three late-night social events in an intimidating four-day span.

**Recovery Sunday involves me and my pajamas. Do not knock on the front door unless you want the visuals.


Have to report yet another breakdown: first the tooth, then the hip, and now the camera! (Yes, it feels like a part of me). As of this morning, my camera refuses to connect with my computer. It looks to have broken bits in its USB port. The manufacturer does not answer the phone on Sundays. Photos of last night’s address to the haggis are therefore inaccessible. You may or may not be sad about this depending on your feelings toward haggis.

And the winner is ...
The week in suppers: Robbie Burns


  1. melanie

    I love your definition of Party Week. And yes, just reading about your week has me exhausted. 😉

  2. stephen J. Edgar

    YIKES! Let me know if there’s anything I can do (from one photog to another) Have had similar usb incidents….let me know. Oh@ and thank you thank you thank you for a fab time! Pajamas across the board!

  3. Carrie Snyder

    Stephen, did you have to get parts replaced?? I’m thinking I will need to.

    So glad you came! We got interrupted during an interesting conversation … to be continued next time, whenever that may be!

  4. Carrie Snyder

    Melanie, Recovery Sunday may have to stretch into Recovery Week …

  5. Tricia Orchard

    I had a very similar week to yours, although I was at a different 40th BD party on Friday night…

    I was not in my PJ’s today though! Hmmmm…what was I doing wrong?

    Thanks for the haggis (I think). I still can’t believe the aftertaste was liver. I swear it was rosemary. I’m just going to tell myself it was rosemary!

  6. Carrie Snyder

    You probably went for a run, didn’t you Tricia! That would get you out of your pjs.

    Yup, it was rosemary. Just keep telling yourself that.

  7. Tricia Orchard

    I did run. Hope you can soon, too.


  8. Carrie Snyder

    Thanks, Tricia! I’ll admit that I’m eaten up with envy every time I see a runner go by … but at least I can still swim!

  9. Tiffany D.

    I would just like to say that you do not need to be of cougar age to consider 1 social event as party week. I am 27 and feel the same way!


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