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Around the house, today …

**The phone has rung about 16 times today for one child or another. The busy social lives of the ten-and-under crowd. CJ wanted in on the action and has been looking for a friend to come over. Problem is, he’s three and so are his friends; so far we’ve struck out. “Would you be scared to go by yourself to [friend’s name] house?” “Yes.” “Well, he probably feels the same way.” “But he’s not scared at nursery school.”

**I can’t go for my long run due to injury (see my triathlon blog for the painful details). In fact, I can’t even go for a short run just to blow off steam. This has made for a jumpy grumpy woman. Alternatives? What would you do if you couldn’t run? Running has become such a huge part of my life, a major tool in my mental health kit; it isn’t easy to replace, even temporarily. I’m planning to hit a yoga class this afternoon. But yoga lacks the adventure of running. Yoga happens indoors, as does swimming and spinning. Running outside in all weathers has changed my experience of the outdoor world and made winter a friendly place, for me.

**I am baking bread, doing laundry, picking up toys, and vacuuming. None of these activities are helping with my restlessness.

**It’s a beautiful, cold, sunny winter’s day. I am trying to convince my two youngest to go outside and build something in the snow. Hey — looks like the promise of hot chocolate afterward did the trick!

**While vacuuming I finally swept up all of the white feathers on AppleApple’s floor. When questioned about the provenance of the feathers, she posited that they were coming from her duvet. So I checked. And discovered a hole that had been patched with a scrap of cloth and pink thread. The child had attempted to fix the problem herself! Without ever mentioning it to me! I felt both proud and dismayed. What else is she attempting to fix by herself, without telling me? I had to rip out the stitches and sew the torn cloth together; no patch job was going to fix the problem. Oh dear, I am seeing nothing but metaphor.

**Speaking of metaphor, my poetry book club meets tonight. And now I can’t even find the book. Last seen a week ago at soccer practice where, unable to go for my usual run, I was attempting to read and take notes by the side of the field; and failing pretty miserably. It all circles back to the running!

**Finally, if you haven’t signed up for The New Quarterly giveaway, please consider it. My goal right now is to get at least ten people’s names in the hat.

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  1. Margo

    ugh, I hate to hear about your injury preventing running. I’m so sorry.

    I’ve got acid reflux right now that’s screwing up my diet and (I dramatize) my life. It’s so easy to slip down into despair without that rock. So easy to look back at all that carefree, happy, taken-for-granted eating.

    I bribed my kids today to go out in the snow – they got hot chocolate too!

  2. Ellen

    Sorry about your not being able to go out and run. I have never been into running and marvel at those who do come rain, shine, heat or cold. I love yoga however…I have had a bad neck and seeing a cervical chiropractor for over 2 years. It gets better and then it gets bad again. Driving me crazy when it flares up…such as now.

  3. Carrie Snyder

    Thanks for the sympathy. I’m frustrated with myself for not being more able to appreciate how fortunate I am, despite this injury–still able to walk, do yoga, swim, etc. I keep reminding myself and striving to stay positive.

    Sorry to hear about your eating issues, Margo, and your back issue, Ellen. I hope we all heal quickly!


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