The week in suppers, plus Christmas baking!

enter the root vegetable
**Monday’s menu: Black bean chili (crockpot). Steamed rice.
**Circumstances: I had to skedaddle to Toronto, so this was set on the table at about 4:56pm (it’s already dark anyway). I wasn’t here for the eating, but the leftovers are fabulous.
**Veg quota: No need for a side. There were plenty of veggies in the chili: corn and red peppers frozen this summer, and home-canned tomatoes.

**Tuesday’s menu: Curried lentil soup (crockpot). Leftover rice.
**Circumstances: This was the evening we went Christmas shopping WITH the children. Arrived home and ate supper out of the crockpot. Should have added a vegetable side, but it was too late by then.

**Wednesday’s menu: Pasta with roasted red pepper sauce. Napa cabbage salad with tahini dressing.
**The reviews: It’s a hit! Mama has a hit! This meal debuts at number one on the charts!
**Mini-recipe: Tahini dressing: Whisk the following ingredients together in a bowl. Half a cup of tahini; 1/2 cup of oil (olive or canola, plus a smaller amount of sesame); the juice of one lemon; 1/4 cup of tamari sauce; salt to taste, plus a sprinkling of sugar if that’s your thing (yes, it’s mine).

**Thursday’s menu: Roasted root veggies (pictured above). Roasted breaded fish. Quick cheese bread.
**Chef’s complaint: Those beets were all about two inches in diameter. I had to wash and peel each one by hand. It took me as long to prep a bag of beets as it did for the cheese bread to bake. Forty minutes of my life!
**Caveat: But the veggies were delicious, especially the beets. Worth it?

**Friday’s menu: Black beans. Baked rice. Tortillas.
**Because: In a rush, of course.
**Awesome leftover meal: Tortilla lasagne. Whipped this up on Saturday, with layers of corn tortillas, black beans, feta cheese, shredded mozzarella, and leftover roasted red pepper sauce. YUM.

**Weekend kitchen accomplishments: Ten dozen ginger snaps. Eight dozen cut-out cookies. Two pans of krispie squares. Four loaves of bread.
**Monday morning addendum: Home with sick son, so putting houseound time to good use and making one batch of really good granola and four litres of yogurt.

A hint about our day
Piano recital: read the subtle changes in mood


  1. Tricia Orchard

    I just tried making a comment, but not sure if it worked. I was told to hit the backspace button, but it wasn’t there.


    Who is sick? CJ? Lauchy has a bad cold!

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Yup, CJ. He’s got strep. SIGH. Hopefully back to nursery school tomorrow …. He’s so bored here at home with me. And no wonder, as I blog, bake, cook, and do laundry all morning.

  3. Margo

    oooh, good idea with the tahini dressing! We’re having hot and sour soup tonight and I was going to make naked spring rolls, but maybe I’ll do yours. You use your crockpot so well. I need to do that more – my favorite part is the good scent in the house all day.

  4. Carrie Snyder

    I appreciate my crockpot on so many days. Yes, it means getting the prep done before I eat breakfast, but I’ve come to like the smell of veggies sauteeing before 8am. The trickiest part was finding good vegetarian recipes.

  5. Carrie Snyder

    Also, I must know, Margo–what are naked spring rolls?


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