What I did this morning: Hamilton marathon

Oh man, I look nervous. This is a totally unconvincing smile. You can see it in my eyes: Do I really want to do this?
Someone stop me, please.

Hours later, only 200m left to go. Fooey removes lollipop to cheer her mother’s approach. Her mother is feeling, oh, a million bajillion times better than she did in the previous picture.

There I go down the homestretch. A huge feeling of wow. Forty-two point two kilometres completed. Time on the clock: 3:42:13.

“I still can’t believe you ran a marathon today, Mom.” – AppleApple

Yeah. Me neither, kid.

(For the completely and totally unabridged version, please visit my triathlon training blog.)

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  1. Tricia Orchard

    I love how Apple Apple is looking up at you so adoringly!


  2. Carrie Snyder

    I asked the kids at supper tonight whether any of them would like to run a marathon when they grow up, and only one was excited by the idea. Guess who?!

  3. katie

    I can’t help but feel pride myself when I read this post. What a wonderful gift you are giving your kids — the notion that they can do this too!


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