Motherhood: the good years

These are the good motherhood years. Not that they haven’t all been good years. But I’m telling you. These are sweet. For starters, I sleep through the night (I mean that literally, as all mothers of infants and toddlers will understand.) But then, my eldest is not so old: he still likes doing things with the whole family. And my youngest is not so old either: he still asks to be carried downstairs in the morning. All appreciate bedtime hugs and kisses goodbye in the morning. All are developing characters with funny thoughts and quirks and individual interests. Bursting with potential. Ages 10, almost 9, 6, and 3. This time is a keeper. Can I bottle it?


A random conversation between CJ and Kevin this morning, on their walk to nursery school (as reported by Kevin):

“Dad, Christmas is on the street now.”
“Are you excited about Christmas?”
Little dance with punches – “Yes! All the presents! How does Santa get all the gifts into the house?”
“How does Santa do magic without a magic wand?”

Sigh, this is embarrassing, but it's all I've got this morning and I promise to shut up already, soon
Recipe for a party


  1. Tricia Orchard

    Good question. Addie is hoping that Santa will bring her a magic want for Christmas so that she can just do her own magic. Um…that could be a tricky one!

    I can’t believe how many times you write about something that I have been pondering. It was just this morning as I was walking home from school (by myself!) that it struck me how good life is right now. I like the stage of life that we are all at right now, and am starting to get anxious about it changing when I go back to work. I like being at home! Great post!

  2. Marnie

    Don’t get anxious, Tricia. I’m beginning to realize that while there is undeniably a great change at the return to work, it is still possible to savour (perhaps even more so) these “good” mothering years. Thanks for reminding me how fortunate I am.

  3. Carrie Snyder

    I work quite a lot now too–at least three hours every week day without kids, and more on a couple of other days. Maybe a transition to part-time is easier than full-time (not just maybe–I’m sure it must be!) And like Marnie says, it is still possible savour the moments, perhaps even more, for having a daily break to work on my own projects.


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