Just like a rockstar cowboy

Yesterday, after running errands and going to the library, CJ fell asleep on the couch listening to a CD he brought home from his grandma’s house when we visited over Thanksgiving. He picked it out based on its cover art: two shaggy Scottish cows. An artist I’ve never heard of. A bunch of cover songs. Grandma didn’t seem sad to see it go. I was upstairs hanging laundry while he was listening, and I heard him chiming in with the first song on the words “Just like a rhinestone cowboy!” Except he was singing “Just like a rockstar cowboy!”

Better, hey?

Another funny misheard lyric: on Monday evening I was driving four girls to their theatre rehearsal — there is always singing from the back seat. One girl had just seen The Sound of Music, and at least one other girl knew all the words to all the songs too. So I was treated to “I am sixteen, going on seventeen.” The funny part was when one girl sang the line: “Fellows will fall in line,” as “Pillows will fall in line.”

I can just picture it.

What was I going to blog about today?

Somehow, I think there was another topic in mind when I began.

Oh yes. One boy sleeping on the couch yesterday afternoon = one mildly sick boy at home this morning — my rockstar cowboy. I pictured us spending the day doing fun activities together — crafts, puzzles, baking, reliving the days of yore. But instead he just wants to watch movies and lie on the couch, and I’ve had a nap and read the newspaper. And now I’m blogging. And it’s a beautiful day. My plan is to coax him off the coach (he’s really not that sick) and get the two of us outside to walk around the block … or something … outside.

I’m amazed at how uninspired I am to do anything. How did I ever get anything done when I was home with kids full-time? Well, I never let them watch movies like this, that’s for sure. I should be filled with guilt except I’m uninspired even to do that.

Except for sleep ...
"You're always grumpy in the morning, Mom"


  1. Tricia Orchard

    Lauchy informed me that his friend was not at preschool today. We will likely get outside later today, too.

    I know what you mean about being uninspired. I used to get WAY more accomplished when all the kids were at home. Today, I had 3 hours to myself and it pretty much feels like I got nothing done. Oh, I did get a coffee and sticky bun at the Bauer Bakery. There, I did get something done after all!

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Maybe I should make the Bauer Bakery our afternoon destination! Might inspire me to get out.

    I think CJ was more tired than sick. I let him sleep in this morning. He had a couple of late nights on the weekend, and because he almost never naps, and goes to bed on Fooey’s schedule, he’s probably running at a slight sleep deficit most of the time.


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