A little glamour for your snowy Friday morning

What happened to the past two days?

Well, yesterday was spent organizing digital photos for the year. Ugh. It’s one of those things that has to be done that didn’t used to have to be done. Remember film? Remember prints? Here’s my digital method: I order prints of, say, the top 300 photos of the year right around now, in time to be put into albums for Christmas. It’s tedious work, but someone’s got to do it. If we want to keep these photos, that is. Poor Fooey’s babyhood is essentially unrecorded due to an awkward family switchover from film to digital. And she was the cutest baby ever. I don’t want any more eras to disappear; or at least not due to negligence on my part.

So that was yesterday.

Today, I’m going to post the blog I should have written on Wednesday. Yes, I’m behind the times. This is yesterday’s news. But what lovely news it is: on Tuesday evening, Canada’s literary scene got all glammed up for the biggest literary prize we’ve got going on here. The Giller Prize! And my publisher, Anansi, was there with TWO books on the shortlist. They posted a behind-the-scenes slideshow if you want a peek inside. Ah. It will make you want to drink champagne while wearing something sparkly.

Once upon a time, I got to attend the Gillers. I was 24. I dropped the better part of a pay cheque on a glamorous outfit, arrived early, sat at the back with fellow books section types and drank and ate and had so much fun. A little glamour goes a long way, especially in an industry not really renowned for the glitz. Let me tell you, sitting here in my sweater thinking about semi-colons: nothing but hot.

Now, I’m not super-connected to the CanLit scene, having spent the past decade being mostly-mom-at-home in the wilds of Waterloo, but still. The CanLit scene is like Six Degrees of Separation minus a few degrees. So I can say that my editor edited two of the books on the list (that’s pretty sweet.) And I can say that I read at an event with this year’s winner, Esi Edugyan, back when we were both promoting our first books. If I say I knew back then she’d win prizes someday it will sound less like intuition than hindsight, but man, I just knew she’d win prizes.

Anyone else looking forward to reading through this year’s nominees? Any books you wish would have made the list? Got any six-degrees-of-separation connections you’d like to share?


Oh, and on a side-note: I’m developing a weird hankering for an electronic reading device. Anyone? Anyone? Kindle? Kobo? I do love books, the objects themselves, don’t get me wrong. But I keep having thoughts like, wouldn’t it be cool to, say, watch a video about an author after reading a book? Do e-books have features like that? They should. I so often finish a book and want more. I want to hear the author telling me where she got her ideas, or where she grew up, or how she feels about her characters. Know what I mean? That would be a very appealing addition to any book.


PS Yes, that’s a photo of my new office!!!!!!! Electrical work needs doing today. I’m moving in on the weekend. Can you believe it?! Me neither.

Ode to the old office/baby room/playroom/guest room
In the new office ...


  1. Nath

    If you’d like, you can borrow my Kindle for a while and see how you like it. I love it!

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Note to self: don’t read in the bath when borrowing Nath’s Kindle.

  3. Catherine

    I know the tediousness of keeping up with photos. It is so worth it though!

  4. Carrie Snyder

    Catherine, as a professional photographer, organizing and keeping copies of photos for clients must be an enormous part of your workload/logistical burden! I can only imagine.

  5. Nath

    Nah – go ahead and read it in the bath. I trust you! I’m sure you’re less clumsy than I am! *Everybody’s* less clumsy than I am.

    And to answer your questions – ereaders won’t play videos for you. You’d need a tablet for that (for example, Kindle has an iPad app), though none of the ebooks I’ve ever gotten had that kind of feature. Which isn’t to say that it doesn’t exist. However, by using a tablet, you then lose the nice feature of the ereader, which is that it doesn’t emit light and feels like you’re reading words on a page rather than a screen, so not so tiring on the eyes, and fits comfortably in your hand like a largeish paperback.


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