Yesterday: where we were

Yesterday morning, I was at a race, all by myself. Kevin was working. The kids were home with a babysitter, and we’d arranged carpooling for AppleApple to get to her soccer tryout. It was so cold. This is me after the race with the medal around my neck.

A nice touch, I must say, though it was earned merely for completion. The race was a 25km trail run, and oddly, it was held at a place filled with happy summer memories, for me: a conservation area not far from the farm my family lived on when I was a young teenager. We had a season’s pass and came swimming all the time, windows down, watermelon packed into trunk; me with permed hair and a black and white bikini and painful adolescent self-consciousness. The start line was at the beach. I was having flashbacks. To read about the race in detail, visit my triathlon blog. For results, check here.

Because of what I did yesterday morning, this is what we did yesterday evening. Kevin was in Toronto at a Toronto-FC game. The kids and I planned a pizza party. We ate every scrap of pizza, the kids got to drink pop, and we vegged on the couch and watched two movies, with a brief intermission in between for tooth brushing and putting on pajamas. I could scarcely keep my eyes open during the last movie. We all went to bed immediately afterward.

I’d say it was a really really good day. Really good. A keeper.

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  1. katie

    This post makes me want a day like that. It also makes me feel OK about resorting to movies (and actually embracing them). I read your blog and see it as a goal for me to accomplish. Maybe I can live a life like this in a few more years. . .

    One more thing: I remember that beach so clearly!!!! Thanks for the memory.

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Katie, I knew you’d remember it, too!!! It feels like we spent a lot of time there, so we must have gone every summer you came to visit.

    Would you like to train and run races again? I hope you’ll get to. I remember you as such an amazing runner, miles ahead of me.


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