What I found this morning when I went looking for something else

This is not my favourite time of year, nor my favourite season. We are nearing November, a month that gets me every pass around the sun. I miss the sun. Winter solstice marks the movement toward light, and every year I look forward to it. Yes, it also marks the start of a long, cold, snowy winter, but the light is returning, and that’s what matters to me.

I went outside this morning to take a photo to illustrate this post, looking for a little pathetic fallacy. I was thinking dead leaves in pools of last night’s rain. But instead, I found purple flowers, green leaves on plants, pale sky, rich oranges, shining rocks and dark wood. I was looking for signs of darkness, but beauty found me.

Mary Oliver would be pleased.

Green Dreams: where ideal meets grumpy
The progress of porch, continued


  1. Christyn

    LOL, I was thinking as I was reading this blog, “Carrie is having a Mary Oliver moment.” Loved the last line! Have a good day!

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Thanks, Christyn. I was hoping some poetry club friends would read this post! (No birds involved, however.)

  3. Unready, Unwilling, Unable

    But Mary Oliver doesn’t need the green leaves and purple flowers – the venerable woman is hiding out somewhere on Cape Cod up to her ears in leaves and flowers, with a bird on top to boot. Or perhaps her dog. I think you’ve put them to better use, because you weren’t expecting them to be there.

    And your post title would make an excellent title for a poem, by the way…

  4. Carrie Snyder

    You always crack me up, Karl. That pile of nature on top of Mary Oliver. I’m totally seeing it.

    And yes, the best poetry arrives when I’m not looking for it.


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