Porch progress: front steps, baby, front steps

Look what we have! Steps. Yup. Walk right up and knock on the door. C’mon in.

We’ve had some funny/awkward moments since we lost the porch a few months ago. My mother AND one of my brothers (on separate occasions) climbed over stacks of wood and balanced on sawhorses to knock on the front door. My brother’s comment? “This isn’t the friendliest way to greet guests.” Most others figured out that our back doors were somewhat more accesible, though admittedly at nighttime not well-lit. But if one really wants to complain about unfriendly design, the back staircase, which we’ve had to use as our temporary entryway, is seriously lethal. It’s unfixable, cramped, a mess of different levels, and the stairs have no railing. Stuff it with wet boots, piles of coats, and several backpacks and it’s a recipe for disaster. Basically, I’ve been on high alert for potential accidents every time that door opens and closes.

So, welcome, again. To the front door.


PS I’m hesitating to post this light-and-fluffy entry, because it means my previous more serious post on working-moms and at-home-moms won’t be the first post seen here when you visit … and I’m still hoping for a few more comments and thoughts. Are you a working mom? Plan to be a working mom? A working dad? Or maybe you’re an at-home mom or dad in love with your life? Or otherwise? I don’t usually do a shout-out for comments, but I’m craving conversation on the balance, on the longing, on the wish to be several things all at the same time, or perhaps it’s a wish to do several jobs at the same time, or to participate in life in ways that seem to conflict with each other. Thanks in advance for joining in the conversation.

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  1. Sarah

    Carrie, I’ll comment! The day you posted that blog I just happened to be working on my resume for a job (a dream job!!) that has come up and the deadline is today. It was too funny to read your thoughts while my own heart was fluttering with thoughts of sacrifices that would have to be made, routine changes, possibly, at times, sad kids missing their mommy, all the while my stomach was flipping with excitement. I have no idea if I’ll get the job, but it’s only part-time so with school I won’t miss much time with family and I still get my writing days! So it seems, right now, win-win. But your blog did make me pause, and think that yes, it’s time for me to get out from these familiar walls and experience something new that I know I’ll love, while at the same time, I pictured pjs and storytimes possibly without me and of course it made me sad. So much risk and trying to balance. So we’ll see. It’s amazing how your blog mirrors so many of my own thoughts, so thanks. And by the way, I think your steps look lovely, hang in there!
    Sarah C

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Sarah, I’ll wish you luck again with your dream job! Hope to hear more about it soon.


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