Chalkboard Wall

Blank space. Quiet. Paint drying. Evening.

Morning. “You shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace.”

Rules: Only erase your own work (unless you’re me). Don’t write mean things. It’s supposed to be a message board. Do you have something to say? Go ahead. Write neatly.

Helpful messages. Lunchtime.

Oh, what the heck. Cartooning, un-neat writing, impromptu artwork: bring it. I had to add this last photo, taken around 6:30pm, after the kids had a chance to doodle more after school. Fooey pulled up her chair to reach even higher. So far, the only issues have been a) everyone trying to chalk all at once and b) an accidental erasing.

I can't get enough of these photos
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  1. Marnie


  2. Tricia Orchard

    Okay, we need one of these in our house! Looks great!


  3. kristin

    yeah, i think our modest 2 X 4 foot one needs an upgrade.

    i love it all.


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