Crossing the Finish Line, this morning

Before. I was smiling, but feeling pretty anxious to get going.

After. Best feeling ever (well, right up there). It was a beautiful day for a run on country roads. Sunshine, breeze, birds chirping. I almost burst into tears at the beauty of it about three kilometres on. And I’m pretty sure I grinned the whole way. There were moments when it got hard, such as around 18k when I realized that I could probably finish in under two hours if I could keep up my pace. The last two hills took guts and slowed me down, and the final sprint to the finish could have been a bit more sprint-like, but it was pure joy to cross the finish line, to see my family waving and shouting, and hear my name on the loudspeaker, and see the time. My new personal best (okay, my only possible personal best), first half-marathon: 1:55. Yah. I’d do that again.

(If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details, visit my triathlon-training blog).

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  1. katie

    yay !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Thanks, Katie! As I train for the triathlon I think often of you–and remember you describing running up a volcano and swimming in the ocean to train for that triathlon when we were teens. And I remember running with you when we were kids.


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