Writing Day: The Fourth

Writing about writing while writing. I’ve struggled with this over the years. I want to shout: Great day! or Terrible day! or Day of massive frustration and doubt! I guess that’s okay. But it can be misleading. The creation of a project stretches over such a long period of time that the emotions on an individual day say very little about its overall progress. It’s like taking your temperature and trying to extrapolate from one reading your health for the next six years.

Yesterday was frustrating.

But I begin today with hope. The process is so full of walls–slamming up against them, full stop, bewildered, is this it? And then checking out the terrain. Hang on, I could dig under, or build a ladder or a flying contraption, or blast through, or turn and see where that little path in the grass is leading, the one I hadn’t noticed before. The process is full of mini-breakdowns and heartbreaks, followed by mini-revelations and renewed committment.

I was up till after midnight, fomenting ideas. I wonder what will come of them today.

Fear and Doubt and Chanting
Sunrise, Sunrise

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  1. birdsandwords

    Thank you so much for writing this post! It’s so completely true, and something I’ve tried to articulate so often — I especially love the way you phrased it: mini-breakdowns & heartbreaks followed by mini-revelations and renewed commitment. couldn’t be more true! Very much looking forward to reading your book!
    all best,


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