Home Economy Audit

Here is a list of domestic duties at our house (unpaid), as mentioned in my previous post.
Note: this was really fun to do!

Daily chores
– plan menus, prepare food, serve food, store food
– set table, clear table, wipe table and counters and clean under chairs
– wash dishes, put away dishes
– clean counters and sink in bathrooms
– sort laundry, wash laundry, hang laundry to dry, fold laundry, put away folded clothes
– water plants
– tend to children’s hygiene: bath/showers (3 x weekly), clip nails (weekly), brush hair (daily during school year)
– tend to younger children’s toileting needs
– organize creative activities for children (home-based)
– get children to and from school/nursery school
– empty backpacks, fill out forms from school, empty lunchboxes
– make school lunches
– supervise homework, piano/guitar/drum practice, theory homework
– arrange and supervise playdates
– bedtime: snacks, toothbrushing, reading/singing to children
– check and update scheduling calendar
– update grocery/pharmacy list
– tidy toys, books, puzzles, games in main downstairs rooms
– empty garbage, compost, recycling; take to curb (weekly); clean composter

Weekly chores
– grocery shop, order and pick up food from buying club
– make laundry detergent
– bake bread, make granola (bi-weekly), bake cookies and muffins, make yogurt (bi-weekly)
– clean toilets (bi-weekly); replace toilet paper, refill soaps
– vacuuming
– arrange outside childcare/babysitting
– outdoor, seasonal: water plants, tend garden, mow grass, sweep patio, tidy outdoor toys, shovel snow
– library visits, keep track of books due
– family meetings; allowance
– banking; bills; budgeting
– tidy toys in upstairs rooms (children’s rooms and playroom)
– change sheets

– canning and freezing
– arrange extra-curricular activities/lessons/camps, pack supplies necessary, provide transportation, entertain children who have to go along but are not involved
– sort and size children’s clothing/coats; organize by size in attic; give away; buy shoes/boots/etc.
– arrange for repairs (ie. appliances)
– birthday planning
– thorough cleaning/organizing of house and garage and yard
– apply sunscreen (beach/outdoor swimming/mid-day)
– pest control

– eye appointments, dentist appointments, dr. appointments (as needed)

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  1. Tricia Orchard

    Great post! Hmmmm, it looks like we do a lot of the same jobs. Actually, you do much more than I do as I don’t make my own yogurt or do any canning. Jeff takes care of the bills which I don’t mind at all.

    That list is an eye-opener for sure!

    When is your triathlon?

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Tricia, I have to add that Kevin does some of these duties already … I was trying to list out all of the minute tasks that are required to run our household–and for which no one earns money.

  3. m

    This is a great list and seems to cover everything. Now I can just print this out instead of having to add my own! The only thing I would add, and it may not apply to you, but having moved to a new city, we’ve had to do a fair bit of community-building. It’s not necessarily an ‘around-the-house’ chore, but it is something that benefits (is vital to) the household.

    Now that you have the list, what are you going to do with it?

  4. Carrie Snyder

    Good question, Marita, and the answer is … I don’t know, yet! My husband would like me to assign him some tasks off the list. So many are the kind of things that I do off and on all day, as needed, that I’m going to have to give this some thought.

    And excellent suggestion re “community-building.”


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