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Only the originator of the stomach bug is all better, hale and hearty and racing around in the nude so we can start working again on the potty training, which hit a temporary plateau … stomach flu, road trip, and then two parents too tired and distracted to reinforce knowledge already learned. Let’s just say we hit a low point yesterday afternoon, while I fell into a brief coma on the couch and Kev attempted to work from home, and … well, it was messy. Nuf said.
There were moments yesterday when I felt I’d lost the will to go on. Luckily for us humans, the going on tends to go whether or not we feel like participating. Today I feel better, even though everyone’s underfoot (the lad in the green blanket quite literally) and mostly sick. Only up three times last night.
“Mommy, come on, a read a book!” Thus sayeth my healthy fellow, who is quite bored. Okay.

Where We've Been
"What the Living Do"

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  1. Tricia Orchard

    We missed you this morning. Hope that you are all on the mend now.

    Next week, it’s at my house.


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