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Have you seen him in his Strawberry Shortcake hat? He accessorizes with pink mittens, too. These are his choices, and I support them! The photos of Fooey were taken by her sister; I wanted to show how she’s posing for photos these days, very deliberately. I think it’s an effect of being photographed so often, and also of watching me photograph myself for the 365 day project. I often set up the camera and fool around with various poses and backgrounds … it can take quite awhile, and the kids are used to the beep-beep-beep of the ten-second timer going off, and run to check out the resulting picture. They’ll report, “That’s a good one, Mommy!”
Today, I have some news. It’s not of the good variety, but on the other hand, as I think my way through it, it’s not of the bad variety either. ParentDish, the Canadian version for which I’ve been writing regularly, is going on hiatus while the company retools the American site. That means I am temporarily out of regular writing work. My last column will publish tomorrow. The reason this news is not altogether bad, upon reflection (thank you, hot yoga) … well, a couple of reasons, actually. 1. Over the winter, I have been writing very little other than my columns, and have found it hard to focus, in the few extra hours available, on poetry or short stories. I will enjoy doing that again. 2. I also need to consider whether I would prefer to publish under a pseudonym were I to write a column like this again. Recent posts have gotten a number of comments, some smart and thoughtful, and others a bit hostile and weird. It’s made me go hmmm, if nothing more. I don’t mind having time to reflect on this. 3. There might be a third reason. I can’t remember it. It’s almost time to head to school.
The days go.
But CJ and I had a lunch date with Kevin today, and I thought, walking over in the breezy sunshine, of the great fortune of time that is mine. And I thought of that poem from a few posts back: “This is what the living do.” We get to walk in spring sunshine, and see another spring burst into bloom.



  1. Kerry

    I’ll miss your column– I liked yesterday’s birthday one in particular. The comments *were* weird, but I don’t watch reality television and so your comments are sort of my view into how the crazy half lives.

  2. Tricia Orchard

    That’s too bad Carrie. I enjoy reading your Parent Dish column a lot. I have noticed some of the recent comments and yes, some are weird and hostile for sure!

    I love the pink hat. Adorable.


  3. Carrie Snyder

    I’m curious, Trish and Kerry, would you publish under your own name if you were writing a similar column?

  4. Kerry

    I would– it’s legitimizing. There is also a real lack of transparency online, the whole reason such commenters feel free to spout off as they do. I wouldn’t want to contribute to that culture.

  5. Carrie Snyder

    Interesting, Kerry. I appreciate your thoughts, especially since you blog under your own name.
    I’ve also been wondering whether I’m contributing to that culture simply by writing columns that invite controversy … which are also columns that get hits. I think that was 3. on my list above.


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