Last Weekend

A few Easter hunt photos from last weekend, at the farm. AppleApple adored the new cat, who was variously named “Snowflake,” “Snowball,” and Albus’s choice “Furball.” At any point during our visit, if AppleApple was missing, we’d just have to ask, where’s the cat? And that’s where she would be. The cat attempted to hide … behind the couch, under a car. And nowhere was out of reach of AppleApple. She came in one afternoon with hair askew and wild eyes (actually, that might have been the cat), and said, “Well, the cat was in a tree, but I got him!”
Today: Sunny again. The backyard full of spring shoots and flowers. A houseful of restless people. Older kids off with Kev to hunt out a variety of spring and summer footwear. I’m at home with Grumpy and Hungry. My ambition is to clean the house, at least rudimentarily, sort through clothing drawers, and organize on a micro level. And get moving again.

Notes from Quarantine
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  1. Unready, Unwilling, Unable

    The photo of A near the lamp and A scooting away in the foreground is terrific.

    As an image, apart from the event that was an Easter egg hunt, it’s charged. With something…mysterious?

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Hey, I really like that one too! I think it’s the image dissolving into light behind AA that makes it. And the old-fashioned couch, and the colours in the room, too.


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