Dindl and Pindl

Around the same age, all the children had imaginary friends, or made-up words for which we couldn’t discover definitions. Albus had Bappy and Bumberknock. AppleApple had Amy and Damey. Fooey had a mysterious word that she used with alarming frequency (considering we had no idea what it meant): Teacock. She also called all animals “didi.” (Oddly, CJ did the same thing for a brief time). And, now, CJ has Dindl and Pindl, sometimes pronounced Dinder and Pinder. Dindl and Pindl are constantly up to unknown but dramatic activities that call for a lot of arm-waving and expression. Albus just told me his theory that Dindl and Pindl are CJ’s swear words. This actually sounds plausible.
I used the fast-forward method today, on advice from a friend, and plied CJ with massive amounts of sweet sweet nectar (apple juice, which he never gets to drink) … and therefore sped up the whole potty training process. The only difficulty was turning it off at the far end of the experiment when it was time to go OUT to the kids’ music class. Our big accomplishment of the day was establishing that underwear is different than a diaper: it’s meant to stay dry. We went through about five pairs during the establishment phase, and now he’s been in the same pair since 2pm. Pretty remarkable. A good day’s work.
And now with supper still on the table, lunches to be made, Fooey tormenting Albus, potty trainer on the loose, AppleApple practicing piano loudly, a huge full-house tidy required this evening … I’m escaping to do 90 minutes of yoga in a steaming hot room. Any wonder such an event feels like a holiday? Sadly, this means Kev is left to swim through the disaster … I have no advice to offer him.

Ahhhhhhhhhh ....


  1. Tricia Orchard

    One of Lauchy’s nicknames is Dinder. Perhaps CJ is talking about him and he is not imaginary after all!


  2. Unready, Unwilling, Unable

    Carrie –

    Dindl and Pindl are a brother-sister duo from an early and little known fairytale by the Grimm boys.

    You might want to check CJ’s bookshelf and grab it before he gets to the end of the story: Dindl and Pindl come to a very unfortunate and gruesome end. Maybe he already knows this and that’s what all the arm waving is about.

  3. Carrie Snyder

    Tricia–where did the nickname come from? I hope CJ’s not talking about Lauchy. It wouldn’t be polite!

    Karl–It’s too late. CJ is behind me right now re-enacting the Grimm end of Dindl and Pindl with plastic Star Wars figures.


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