Small Change Number One

This photo is off the old point-and-shoot camera. I’m still using it on occasion because it has the obvious advantage of being available on a point-and-shoot basis, while the better camera requires a little more set-up. But I actually took this photo sometime last month, before the arrival of the new camera. I’m only getting to it now. I have a list of blog topics patiently waiting for a spare moment. I’m stealing one right now during bedtime snack, before we head off to the living-room to read another couple of chapters in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (remember Judy Blume?).
Above is illustrated one of my new year’s resolutions … or simply one of the small changes I’m putting into action/planning to put into action this winter. It’s dry in the house. So I retired the crib that had been living beside our bed, and replaced it with drying racks, and began washing one load of laundry (plus diapers) each day. It’s possible to hang one load of laundry on the racks; any more than that and I run out of room, so it takes some planning and consistency to dry clothes in this way. But what a waste to heat up that lovely cool humidity and send it out into the atmosphere via the drier hose.
It’s a small change. It takes time. So far, I’m happy about it.
Hope to get to those other blog topics soon. Seriously, I made a list.

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  1. Tricia Orchard

    Good for you. That is something that takes a lot of commitment. I should hang stuff to dry more often too.

    I also have a list of blog topics which I always have a hard time getting to.

    Enjoy your night,

  2. Heather

    Hey, we do the same thing–in the basement currently, but we used to hang them in the bedroom/living room in previous apartments. Mostly because Jeff and I have a lot of clothes that shouldn’t go in the dryer; really we do it year-round, but we appreciate the humidity a little less in summer…houseplants make a big difference to the humidity levels, too.

  3. Marie

    I do that too, and it’s amazing how fast it all dries. We use a tiny corner of the bathroom and stack things vertically, but it’s do-able. Driers are so unnecessary.

  4. The Globetrotter Parent

    Maybe it’s a Europe thing but I haven’t used a dryer in about, oh, eight years? I don’t like what dryers do to clothes (or diapers, for that matter). I do miss soft towels, though.

  5. Carrie Snyder

    Thanks for the comments! I’m glad so many of us are drying with driers. I confess that on some days, the wet clothes stay in the basket ALL DAY, which causes more wrinkles, but otherwise seems to do no harm. I’ve always hung the cloth diapers. In summer, I hang outdoors and LOVE it. I can fit more on the line, and I just love an excuse to be outside doing something that feels both meditative and necessary. I have fantasized about recreating the outdoor line in our hallway upstairs, with a pulley system to lift the line up and down (apparently Old Order Mennonite homes have these). Still haven’t figured an easy way to do it, however.


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