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Pickle Me This, a wonderful CanLit blog by writer and mother Kerry Clare, is putting a spotlight on Family Literacy Week. (Did you know it was Family Literacy Week? Quick! Grab a kid! Preferably your own! Read a book!). I was asked to write a “Literary Mom” entry on favourite books to read to my kids. Talk about the perfect assignment.
The photo Kerry’s using is, gah!, seven years old! I was still in my twenties. Damn, I was hot. I sent her a new and updated photo that depicts me as I am now. Sigh. What do you know. I’ve gotten older.
(Betcha in seven years I’ll be saying: That was when I was still in my thirties! Damn. I was hot.)
Uh. Morning o’ vanity, apparently. Click here for the Literary Mom link.

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  1. Kerry

    Both photos are lovely. The second just as much, and I bet it was produced with less effort, effect. And just so you know, there is no such thing as Family Literacy Week. Well, there is, I guess, but I invented it. Wednesday, however, was Family Literacy DAY, which is more legitimate than a figment of my imagination. It’s sponsored by the charitable foundation ABC Canada.

    Thanks again for helping out!

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Well, I’m going to leave it as Family Literacy Week on my blog. We’ll start something!
    The original photo (from my twenties) was in fact a maternity photo, taken at about 36 weeks into my second pregnancy. The photographer did some fancy cropping so that I could use it as a publicity photo. I’ve always loved it. The new one was taken by my husband using our new camera. On my birthday.

  3. the b in subtle

    You still look like that photo, Carrie. Only a little wiser with your years. I saw it at the back of Hair Hat when I opened my copy this week and smiled. What a beauty! And she’s still very visible in your current face. So, no worries. You’re still one hot mama jamma. I like the idea of family literacy WEEK, too. Let’s go with that…(The vanity thing is something I’m struggling with doing the 365 day project on Flickr. You take one self-portrait each day for a year. I thought it would be an intriguing project and challenge my photography potential, but wow is it hard to photograph oneself and be objective in any way! It also makes one examine oneself very critically, but i guess that is part of the challenge. It makes you deal with all the things you might dislike about yourself or your looks, i think. I like the creative challenge of it – photos must have at least some part of your body in them so it doesn’t have to be a facial portrait every dang time (thank goodness). Anyhow – thought since you had a new camera, you might consider the project yourself. I’m doing one privately of my baby as well to document the change in him in a year. Should be intriguing to see where it takes us. Love the photos, thanks for sharing them!

  4. Carrie Snyder

    Nancy, I was checking out your photos for that project last night. I am tempted by the idea, but would need to figure out how to hold the camera in order to do self-portraits (the new camera is bulky with a large and long lens, making self-portraiture with one hand almost impossible). Maybe I need a tripod. I loved the blue photo with the Christmas lights. And the Fleuvogs on the stairs. It is a really cool project.

  5. the b in subtle

    I think I might have Don’s old tripod laying around somewhere. Probably could dig it up and loan it until I get my own fancy cam. But I don’t have one of those button things you can click from your hand. You’ll have to go to Frank’s or something for that device. Understandable that it’s difficult to take self-portraits without a tripod when your cam is not one of those handheld tiny thingies. I’d love to see how creative you can get – I’m looking forward to getting much more creative when I fund one myself…gotta sell the farmhouse first! (thanks for compliments about the photos – the blue lights were weird, hey? that was fun)

  6. the b in subtle

    LOL “Frank’s” i meant “Henry’s” (where did I pull “Frank” out of, I wonder?) let me know if you want me to drop it off to your porch, or maybe we can have a cuppa tea or something, now that i seem to have working wheels while my car is still in the shop.

  7. Carrie Snyder

    Frank / Henry … good old-fashioned names, hey. Nancy, though I’m very grateful for your generous offer of the tripod, and though I’d love to use one, it’s my policy never to borrow anything from anyone–with four potentially destructive forces in the house, I cannot guarantee safe return of anything and the stress of keeping any item out of harm’s way would guarantee said item would never get used anyway. (This happened with a baby swing a number of years ago; I knew it needed to be returned, so I kept it in the basement till the kind lender asked for it back months later. Never used.) But coffee sometime would be great. I don’t know whether a group event would appeal, but I’m hosting playgroup this Tuesday morning, 9:30-11:30. You’re welcome to come, too!


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