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This photo is for all of the laundry geeks: my bed, evening, basket of clothes. Wet clothes. Waiting all day to be hung. In the background, dry clothes, waiting to be folded and put away. Guess how I solved this dilemma? Yup. I put the basket on the floor and went to bed. These got hung the next morning, more wrinkled than usual.
One more confession. This week we had some sick people in this house, and yesterday I chose to use the “home sterilizing unit” (aka the drier on high heat) for one load.
Because the folding and putting away often happens around bedtime, I’ve been getting a lot of help. CJ in particular adores carrying pants and shirts to various drawers and stuffing them in. Sometimes he even gets things in the right drawer. And Kevin’s been helping out more too. All-family-participation in chores: yippee!

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  1. Kerry

    I hang/fold laundry every night while I`m waiting for my baby to fall asleep and stay asleep (which can take up to an hour and a half).The room is dark, her lullaby cd is playing, and I have to creep around very quietly so as not to rouse her. No doubt, when these baby days are behind us, the memory of the laundry nights will stay with me for a long time.

  2. Susan Fish

    Kerry – That’s a lovely image. Carrie – I too broke down and used the dryer tonight. Had to do two loads.

    Laundry geeks unite!

  3. Carrie Snyder

    It’s interesting how daily necessary chores can take on meditative properties. Thanks for your story, Kerry. Lovely.

    I’m back to the rack as of yesterday, Susan!


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