Today’s Cabin Fever

Today’s new post on ParentDish: holiday baking with children. For those of you familiar with my blog, this may feel vaguely familiar. A little fictional non-fiction, if you will.
I will add that Cabin Fever feels like a particularly apt title today. I’m almost looking forward to this afternoon’s exam so I can get out of the house and absolve myself of the responsibility (for a few hours) of directing my children in creative and non-violent play. (Because they seem to gravitate toward the opposite: wrestling, shooting games, whacking with living-room pillows, using stuffed animals as missiles, fashioning tunics out of pajama bottoms and refusing to wear actual clothes, and involving the youngest siblings in a game called “Super-Villains vs Super-Heroes,” in which Mommy is the enemy. Good times, I tellya. Though they’ve got me now–they’re playing quiet games at the table, side by side. This too shall pass).

Friendly Neighbourhood Elves

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