Christmas Morning

Our morning, so far: stockings opened and sticky rolls and homemade grape juice and sugar overload, and Christmas pajamas, and music on the radio, and a turkey in the oven, and sleepy parents, and a recycled train from the attic with new batteries that makes the most thrilling noises (if you’re 2o months-old), and a bean bag chair, and enough books to fill a new shelf. Naptime, anyone? Anyone?
Wishing you a merry and peaceful Christmas day!

Getting Ready
Birthday Eve


  1. the b in subtle

    a very merry Christmas to you both and your beautiful pajama-clad clan! (love those PJs!!!) any chance you could mail me a sticky bun? they look yummmmmmmmy.

    happy holly days, Carrie.

  2. Julia

    I thought I saw new Christmas pyjamas! I miss getting those. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday. (Feeling better?)


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