Wish Lists

Christmas 2009

Dear Santa,
I would like a kid dolly and baby dollies and mom and dad dollies too. I would like city playmobil, bus playmobil, school playmobil and the last kind of playmobil is work playmobil like dump trucks. I would like city lego and star wars lego. I would like a story book to read with my mama. I know you already gives candy!
Hmmm …
I would like a necklace. I want a purple flower pink dress. I want a skirt with pink, purple and green. I would like a mini-store with carts and food and a cash register with money, because you can’t even sell anything without money! Also with my store I need a clock to tell the time. I would like a puzzle with a horse and a unicorn playing together with an orphan who rides them.
Thank you. From Fooey.

Dear Santa Claus,
I want some more bakugans. Star wars lego. I would like a star wars lego ship called the republican attack gunship. Some games. Calvin and Hobbes books. Pokemon. Another puffle. a playmobil pyramid. Some posters. Tennis balls. A necklace-making set. A new fish. A bean bag chair. A lego pirate ship. Books. And more toys.
From Albus. To Santa
ho! ho! ho!

Dear Santa,
I would like a star wars ship called a x wing fighter. and could you buld a mini school and put it in our back yard (ps I asked perrmichon.) and a dog. and a camra
From Apple-Apple to Santa
"Happy Bithday"
All the Pretty Horses

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