Six, then Seven

The night before (still six), and this morning (seven!). The last six-year-old photo gave all of us the giggles, so even though it wasn’t the perfect one, I’m using it. The first seven-year-old photo shows her with hair unbrushed (she requested that I not touch it on her birthday), and she’s wearing a new necklace she’d just opened up, from Grandma Alice’s parcel.

Immediately afterward, chaos broke out as we realized we were late getting ready for the walking school bus … which it was our responsibility to drive this morning!
How to Make a Search-And-Find Birthday Cake
"Happy Bithday"


  1. Nath

    I *love* the last six-year-old picture!

  2. the b in subtle

    she LOOKS older the next morning! she is quite a beauty, all serene and fitting comfortably into her seven years of acquired wisdom. happy, happy birthday and a magical year to her! (Nancy) xoxo


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