Horse Party for an Almost-Seven-Year Old

Best Thing Ever
House-Cleaning, Before and After


  1. the b in subtle

    aaaahhhhhh! FUN FUN FUN! wow you are such an inventive mum! when i was 7, all i wanted, every birthday AND every christmas was a horsey. my dad asked me where we’d put it and i’d look at him, with an expression that felt sorry for his lack of imagination, and i’d say, “in the GARAGE, silly.” *sigh* looks like you had tons of fun horsin’ around 😉 happy almost-7th birthday to your wee l’il beauty. p.s. LOVE the cake!

  2. Nath

    Z says the party was great! Those horsies were a fabulous idea! I hope you had a restful afternoon.

  3. Tricia Orchard

    What a fantastic day for a party! The horses are great! Did you make them?!

    Hope you are relaxing now.


  4. Carrie Snyder

    The horses were a group effort. My dad did the woodworking. Kevin made the ears and bridles out of craft leather and attached them in advance. The children painted them with water colours, and chose the colour of thread for the manes.

    Glad to hear Z had fun! We did too.
    Still waiting for a rest, however.

    p.s. Nancy, I had childhood plans to keep a horse in the garage too!!! Deeply spun fantasies. I can even look at our garage today and imagine a pony in there … !

  5. kristin

    no way. i think i’ll tell eliza she’s going to have a horse party. these are wonderful ideas.

    oh, joy.

  6. Janean

    looks like someone had a FAB birthday! i’m off to read more of your sweet blog!


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