“Happy Bithday”

We ran out of frosting. Seriously. And forgot to run the spellchecker on the cake. Somehow, it was perfect anyway. Kevin and I both reflected after the event how much fun we have at our children’s birthday parties. There’s a bit of food prep and planning involved, but basically, the family party we throw for each child on his or her birthday is pretty simple. Eat, drink, play, cake and candles, and a couple of gifts. We have a slightly different mix of guests every time, but it’s generally aunts and uncles, a grandparent (my parents are divorced, so we’ve come around to the imperfect but liveable compromise of every-other-birthday attendance), and a few family friends. It’s always great to toss some extra kids into the mix. Last night, the younger party-goers disappeared to play together, and the grownups were able to linger over the meal.

And she didn’t light her hair on fire (quite). And no one got injured racing up and down the stairs following excess sugar consumption. And the gifts were well-received. And the piano was played. And someone else did the dishes.
She woke up this morning in a bit of a glum mood. That day-after feeling. When your birthday is now a whole year away, and it’s back to waiting again.
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  1. the b in subtle

    wonderful, Carrie! these are times i look forward to, just the way you describe. (course, i’ll have to buy a piano at some point) 😉

  2. Carrie Snyder

    Nancy, my sister found a piano on kijiji for free, just the cost of moving it … the owners just wanted it to go a good home. It did take a bit of patience to find, but it wasn’t the only free/inexpensive (and reasonable-quality) piano out there.


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