Exhibit Number One

Yesterday evening, I went to class and participated in a faux consciousness raising group, while Kevin fed the kids the shepherd’s pie I’d made for supper (a big bust; never add leftover squash assuming it will blend in with the gravy under the mashed potatoes), and took them to a photography exhibit at Kitchener’s Rotunda Gallery. He promised them ice cream, and ice cream was found. Albus went with a cut on his eye due to post-supper horsing about. The exhibit is by a friend, Karl Kessler, and the photos are of people who work in vanishing trades, and are accompanied by short interviews.
Spent this morning working. I’m in the early stages of a new project, and the whole search at present is for tone. What baffles me is that the tone for this blog comes so naturally … why can’t that translate to absolutely everything I write? For the current project, I’m seeking a casual and entertaining tone, like a chat with a good girl friend. Not sure whether or not that summarizes this blog’s tone. No, I think this is more stream-of-consciousness. Whether or not it’s consciousness-raising is up for debate, or more likely beside the point.
PD day … upcoming afternoon projects include: naptime; walking around the neighbourhood to hand out birthday invitations; and a trip uptown to buy a few essentials. I’ve heard that there’s an Uptown Treasure Hunt or somesuch on right now. Anyone know anything about that?
Nice Lid, Kid
Social Event of the Season

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