First Day of School

Meant to get in one more post before school started, to commemorate our last summer adventure; but too late. School started this morning. First day of school photos duly taken. The big kids found their lines and classrooms without difficulty this morning, and it certainly didn’t hold the drama of years past. Albus suffered a goodbye kiss (barely); Apple-Apple waited patiently in her line saying not a word. CJ ran wild, climbed the kindergarten play equipment and soaked his pants coming down the slide. Otherwise, the trip to and from school was uneventful. It is Albus’s FIFTH year in school, so we’re pretty accustomed to it now; he’s been in school now longer than not. Weird. Those quiet, blurry, half-asleep preschool years have become ancient history.
I am currently babysitting an extra little guy (apologies to his parents; but rest assured, he is within sight as I type this, eating a snack at the counter with his fellow snacking companions; all were famished after a morning of difficult “instruction” work. Wish I’d gotten pictures of that).
What-ho, here we are. A return to routines not invented by me. A return to a more rigid flow of hours and days, with, one hopes and imagines, the increased productivity routine creates.
We’re headed outside, now. Snacktime has come to an abrupt end.
The Real New Year

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