Tomorrow’s the Big Day

Okay, I think I may be more excited about my brother’s wedding than my brother and my soon-to-be-sister-in-law are. They’ve been together seven years already, own some property together, you know, they are already basically married, but still. Kevin and I have six siblings between us, and my brother is the first of our collective siblings to get married (and our wedding was already a decade ago). I have three brothers, and Chach is closest in age to me; we are seventeen months apart, and from six months on he was pretty much as big as me, and even though we were kinda rivals for a few of those years, I love him like anything and always have. So I’m throwing my imaginary hat into the air and whooping it up because I’m sooooo excited!
Here’s some footage of our humble wedding prep, which mostly involves Albus (in these pictures). First up: hair cut (the photo was taken halfway through). After watching him struggling to breathe through his sopping mass of curls during swim lessons, my fingers got itchy. Result: shorter hair, actual seeing of the eyes. CJ wanted a hair cut too. But his curls are too cute to sacrifice, so we just pretended to cut it. Today, Grandma Alice arrived with new clothes for the big kids’ choir; Albus’s will double as his wedding outfit. I couldn’t get a straight shot out of the lad, but you know, I like it that way. He is who he is: my fast-talking, sweet/serious, noisy/quiet, silly and dear son. I love how Apple-Apple managed to keep the fine and serious pose requested by the photographer (me).
Okay, kids, onto the wedding! We’ll be cheering in our finest.
Good Enough
Wedding, July 22, 2009

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