Sunday Album

A few images from our week: the ever-classic diaper and rubber boots combo; a Playmobil scene awaiting post-bedtime discovery on the piano keys (and how apropos, as we look forward to the wedding of “Uncle Chach and B” this coming weekend); the girls and their hair (I’ve never been much of a girlie girl, but it feels like I’m living out a little girl’s fantasy of playing with gorgeous dollies when I brush and braid their tresses); Fooey wanting to stand on the tree stump by the porch, then deciding perhaps she prefers firm land; and Albus post-emergency room, with the gash on his forehead tidily closed. He and Kevin were up till midnight waiting and then being treated, but did he sleep in this morning? You know the answer to that.
A Week in the (Writing) Life
It's Been a Year

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